odd space inside

I’m in this funny kind of impatient space. I feel like it’s familiar. I want “things” to happen faster: air to warm, flowers to bloom, etc.

But more than that. I feel like I want my whole insides to stretch wide open. Not literally. But actually – to feel all full of the space that I want to somehow create in my art.

What fascinates me is that the times when I don’t have my next idea nailed down – when it’s not specific in any way – when I can feel the open-endedness of it, then I am impatient. I want to know.

Sounds familiar, somehow.

And yet, this is where all the fruit is. When I’m lost. Playing. Putting stuff together. Pulling it apart. Piling it up. Beyond the – “done that”.

And what’s even more ridiculous is, that when I do define the next piece in some way, that more likely than not, that will only be the jumping off point. Not what I THINK I’m going to create. Sometimes, not even close.

Ah, such is the journey.