Did I ever tell you about my horse named Nydia? She was trained for competition in England before she came to us – my childhood family. She had been schooled for steeple chase but was sold because she was too high-strung. She would do well on our long, leisurely rides through the woods, we thought. And she did. In her own way.

Nydia was my horse. I rode her for years. And I knew she was high-strung. I could feel her excited energy pulsing through her even as we began our rides. I could feel the contained excitement as we traveled for hours. And then… there was the ride up the back side of the mountain when we were almost home.

Nydia knew this. She knew it was the home stretch. A straight shot to the mountaintop. And… no way, no way could a rider keep her from running full speed up that slope. Held back for even a minute or two and she would spin in circles. She HAD to run. And she did. Surging forward and driving hard, full-out!

Who wouldn’t want to be on top of her for that stretch??? She lived for that exhilarating run, every time. And I lived to be on her.

Yes. That kind of energy. I sometimes feel that Nydia energy in myself. I feel its intensity. And I know what I’m looking for is that joyous place, those joyous moments to express it.

I can turn in circles, too. I’ve done a lot of that. But give me a hill. Give me some large pieces of silk. And the opportunity to lay down the color.

And feel the energy flow.

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