noticing the shift

Color is the language of light…Light is the greatest unnoticed force of transfiguration in the world: it literally alters everything it touches…

~John O’Donohue, “Beauty”

If you were able to see this orange cloth where it is lying now – if you could walk around and witness it straight on – you’d notice the grey wall through the translucent cloth. You’d see the c0lors combining; one color on top of another. The thin cloth lets the light through, and with the light, you can see the color beneath the color.

But what the camera fails to make obvious is that the colors also shift according to the contour of the wall. The lighter orange moves into red. The shade from a nearby tree doesn’t help sort out the confusion. But then again, it’s all light, it’s all color. And the mind can shortcut, maybe not notice, the color shift.

For me, color shift is magic. Where and how one color drops deeper. Or shifts hue. The shift allows the original color to become more. More light. More orange. More of its original self. And the new color – well, it’s already the intruder, already drawing attention to itself. At least, I hope so. That juxtaposition. That’s everything.

And, yes, today is October 1.

Summer, still lingers so sweetly. Sweeter than ever. But fall is here.

And, yes, I’m loving it. Loving the sharp, clear air, the cooler temperatures, the welcome warm indoors. Loving the quiet lake, the crunchy leaves, the hard, hard apples.

From summer, it’s changed. And all because of light. Deep felt shifts in nature.

Color shifts in cloth.

Light: … the force for transfiguration. (O’Donohue echoed from first quote)