March 1!

We made it to March. Did you remember to say, “Rabbit Rabbit” before anything else???? Congratulations! You now guaranteed yourself good luck for the next 31 days. Who knows what would have happened if you forgot!

Advice? You want to remember advice. But superstition. You MUST remember.

“Come in the same door you go out.” “Get out of the right side of the bed.” “Walk on the same side of the tree.” “If you spill salt, take a few grains with left hand and throw it over your right shoulder.” “Don’t breathe while driving past a graveyard.” On and on.

And so, when my father – whose advice, I recall as mainly superstition – declared that orange was the color non grata, it was an order. Orange was nowhere to be found: in my childhood house, childhood clothing.

And where is orange to be found now? I notice: as a key color in the work of art I’m creating. Flaming across the piece. Flying in the face of all that was “known” to be true.

Known to be true.