throwing out the baby

These plants are being discarded. NO! I DO NOT want them. Get out of my garden!

There is a saying a friend of mine shared with me: ” If you throw the baby out with the bath water, don’t worry: the baby will always come crawling back”. Yesterday was one of those days when I was doing that. I was in this emotional space where I was definitely throwing out everything.

The tricky part is that communication is not necessarily so clear these days. In email, it can be easily misinterpreted. When I’m having a lousy day, I can send a strong message. Perhaps, when the person opens it, they’re in a sensitive space, more so than usual… The means of communication seems ripe for misunderstanding. Not so black and white as gardening.

But then, there is the trust. The trust that I can make a big mistake and that the understanding is there, that the receiver is okay, that the “baby crawls back.”

And to go further in this reach from upset to okay to… it’s all good:

(again, Diana Wynn Jones):

I had learned from Spencer, through Britomart,…of the heroic ideal: that there is deity in everyone. There is God in all of us as well as with us. It follows that the major part of the hero’s/heroine’s quest is to locate that deity within and to live up to its standards.

The baby that crawls back, that baby has the deity within. A good friend. To find that in myself is my quest. And to realize that is also to see that in my dear friends. Friends that I always want to come back, not necessarily crawling.