minutes in a day

I took this photo at 5 AM. Early. Quiet.

I’ve been waking up at that hour in the past few days because it’s already light out. It feels like: time to get up. The days at this time of year are so much longer with the light coming early and lasting late.

So where does all the time go? In winter, it seemed as if I had all the time in the world to get things done. In the short day, the hours stretched. The days were slow. And seemed long.

Now… there is light. Plants are growing, other plants require attention, the outdoors has a busy agenda. Organizing, arranging, cutting, adding to, taking away. An art of dealing with an always shifting canvas.

And, yes, now there are people arriving – who need to be met at not-so-close airports (and I LOVE that my daughter, Ariella, has arrived for a visit) and then, yes, of course we want to do LOTS together, and yes: HERE COMES SUMMER. The water is still too cold for swimming, but soon… that opens up even more territory. Yes.

Is this the same clock that was ticking in winter? Are these minutes the same length? Watch them fly by.

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