still still

Today in my yoga class the teacher was talking about the over-stimulating world we live in. Yes. And then… there is the nice still, not moving: ice. Still here. The normal date for ice-out, as it’s called is today, April 15. The lake is still covered. Still still.

Meantime, I’m noticing the evolution of my art – how the next piece or phase is coming into being. It’s a slow evolution, not a single “a-ha” moment. In fact, I have many of those in my mind, and then they settle into part of this process that hands and eyes are included. The practical physics of it all.

Bob Dylan, wonderful Bob Dylan, writes so eloquently of how his songs come into being. Some never make it; just get beaten to death. Lose their magic and are discarded. Others are strong within a short amount of time and rehearsal. And the third possibility is those ones that are so close. To get to the essence, he might need to:

“get out of town. Something wasn’t clicking, like when the world is hidden from your eyes and you NEED to find it.”

And that is how it feels. Whatever piece of art that is coming into being becomes your world. His song, my art, your creation. And the need to find it becomes that important – get out of town, get out of your own way. Melt the ice.

Or let it melt. Let it all melt.