photographer’s colors

This is the overall view photo from the photographer. The art translated in this way in his sharp lighting, away from sunlight. Another translation of the colors running through it. The piece looks one way in natural light, another way under the lights in the Stimson Center, and this way with his lights.

Now, onto my next creation. The next involvement with hand-dyed silk. It’s always all about color. Color relating to color.

I took note of what transpired this morning for me. In Tai Chi, my inspired teacher, Bill, was talking about the stance: that learners tend to be full of intent and therefore leaning forward with their heads. In fact, what this does is create imbalance. Instead, the energy/inspiration needs to come from the earth, to be received and then translated through the body and out the hands. It may appear that the hands are pushing, but the impulse for the push is coming from below and flowing up and out the hands. If he touched the tip of my finger, he could tell if the energy was sourced from lower and transmitted through the whole body, in which case the finger would be soft, supported.

I love this idea. I love the idea that the earth, the ground is what feeds us, and to notice when the darn head is taking over and toppling forward. As an artist, I appreciate that this – shall I call it energy?inspiration? – can come through the body and out the hands, and that the head can be less involved. However, in this day and age, I find myself constantly thinking when I start out: is this relevant? is this something I can write about (!), is this…? on and on. As I’m working on this new piece (or pieces), one title I came up with was ” For No Reason Whatsoever”. I may stick with that title for a while, if only to keep my head out of the equation until the ideas are further along. Keep them free to come from the ground, through me, so I can let them flow fully.

I mean, I’m definitely starting from a blank slate if I’m looking outside at the actual ground for inspiration. Does it happen to be snowing today? Enough already!

Color is coming from the earth. I can feel it. Even under the snow.