In the south when you can’t believe what you hear, or, well, even when you do – the answer is double syllable: “Wha-at?”

As you can see, my well-loved (can you believe someone made these??) salt and pepper shakers are surely expressing this sentiment. And how àpropos that they are rising out of the sea, as it were. Because… Nika phoned me today to tell me she had signed me up for a show – probably for the month of August – at the Chocolate Church Arts Center in Bath, Me. (which is near the ocean, obviously). In fact, the idea for putting my large piece in this space had been in discussion before, but I somehow hadn’t registered that it could actually happen. So, yes, I am in that nonplussed wha-at stage.

I’ll go visit the space at some point this spring. I’ve been meaning to get over to visit Nika and see my dear friend from childhood, Lucy, who lives in the area, too. I’m excited about the show even before seeing the space because it is a also a venue for music, so there will be people coming in for those events as well. AND, Maine in summer is clogged with people. The bad part is that traffic does not move. The good part is that people who might not stop in Bath by plan, will be wanting to get off the road and take a break.

Okay, so my head is spinning. Stuck in “Wha-at?”

(which sounds like : “whoe – ut”; lips don’t open much)

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