parallel play

Here’s Rumi. No one here now to play Bananagrams. So sad. Everyone left today.

When Krista Tippett gives her On Being interviews, one question she always asks is something like: “Can you tell me about your childhood experience of religion or spirituality.” She is looking for how that has influenced the interviewee’s life.

I hadn’t thought to ask myself that same question but in reference to art until the past few days.

This weekend, I got a lot of art work done: my art hangs in the same room where people gather to eat and talk and play board games. While I worked on my art, others were nearby focused on their own activity.

Parallel play. And yes, I did feel – in the most wonderful way – like a child.

It occurred to me that this felt similar to the sandpile when I was a child – the place where I would create worlds next to the worlds that my siblings were creating. We played next to each other. And magic happened.

I hadn’t touched on that particular feeling in a while, but I am sure it’s the source that drives my art. I would love to have my guests stay and stay. But more important, I would love to have my art take people to the sandpile. Drop everything for a moment. Can you feel it? It’s just play.

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