not truth

~Bob Dylan (in his book, Chronicles):

Folk songs are evasive – the truth about life, and life is more or less (not true), but then that’s exactly the way we want it to be. We wouldn’t be comfortable with it any other way.

All wrapped up, here are the paintings on silk that I did – was it 2 years ago? I finally had them framed. I don’t want to unpack them until they’ve made it to 1) the photographer and then 2) the show.

But when I created them, I wanted to make something for children that were growing up in the digital age. Something that was the opposite: that they could stare at day after day, that did not change in a blink. And that was also fun. This goofy alphabet was born.

I realize that alphabets teach letters. And that might imply the art is also teaching about animals, perhaps something true. Hopefully, that idea is instantly erased: bunnies and bears, foxes, fish and flamingos. And yet, I recall that those kind of matters were not a problem when I was a child. The world of child fantasy.

Who cared? Let it all flow: truth, less than truth.

The animal alphabet is kind of like a folk song. For a child’s reality. For a child’s dreams.