back from the photographer’s

I’m so relieved and excited: my photography session went really well. Soon I’ll have the photos to share.

I had hoped to have help for hanging my art so the session would go faster. But Stewart – who only photographs art – laughed and said, “You should see some of the work people bring – installation art with all the pieces but no clue how to present them. At least you know what you’re doing – you have a plan.” And afterwards, he commented on how fast it had been! Fast? It took 4 hours of concentrated work…

I’ve known Stewart for years now. He’s photographed art that – well – was from much earlier for me. He works 7 days a week, non-stop. I asked him about the times now – with everyone owning a camera (i.e. i-phone). He commented, “That’s not my competition.” I know that my camera does not seem to be able to capture the subtleties that his can – and since the work is all about the color shifts, I’m thankful for his abilities.

After the session, I usually hear from him in a day or two. He’ll send me his proofs. And then, he can take any suggestions I have and re-work those areas. From what I saw while watching, I expect the proofs will not need much correcting … He uses an intense camera, he clicks the shutter, then a few moments later, the image appears on this over-size computer screen. From there, he can zoom in to see if the finest detail is in focus. It’s fun to watch and to agree on – yes, that’s how I want it to look… He’s watching for technical perfection, I’m looking at the art presentation. We both are examining the color. We work together – it’s a really intriguing process which I always enjoy. And I’m excited to see the proofs.

Afterwards, back at the lake, you can see that all my little bags of art need to be organized again – put in order, re-packed. I had only a few sewing repairs to make when I hung the work. I’m glad that I had this chance to put the work up – a run-through. It eased the pressure on DC for me. Now I know I can put this work up and take it down. It travels. It works in another space, an indoor one.

I tell myself : “All is well.”