making small pieces and …

So here is my iron, looking overly large for some reason. I’m using it to flatten the kajillion squares of color that are needed for this project. I had Rhonda helping me yesterday for 3 hours and all we did was cut and tear the silk to make the small pieces, and then iron them afterwards – and still we were not done. Making them is not interesting in itself, but the squares – no matter that they are contiguous on the dyed cloth, are each quite subtly unique in color. When they are juxtaposed, they seem to move and play off each other in a way that they would not if they weren’t separated out. That’s what I’m going for. It’s a bit frustrating that photography does not capture this as well as I’d like (in the photos I’ve shot so far). However, that is true of any art I’ve seen in photo and then real life.

As for my thought of the day (another quote from David Hockney), this one goes out to my dear artist friend, Paula Mould:

There’s a story about a woman who used to work for the Art Institute of Chicago, and then went to Hollywood to work for a movie person. He said to her, “Don’t give up going to the museum to look at pictures, because they don’t move and they don’t talk, and they last longer.” My God, they certainly do.