color plus light: potential

I unashamedly love vibrant color. As you can see in the bottom photo, I would go for the most saturated color I could get. This piece is the beginning of an animal alphabet that goes through the letters as it moves from one childlike intensity of color to the next.

When I moved, in my art, to adding light – where the light of day was shining through the cloth – suddenly I had so much more to work with. Those flat purple pieces on the lower photo take on luminosity, vibrancy, and much more life in the light – see the top photo. I found I had to tone my colors down, not by 1/2 but by – sometimes 1/100th (an estimation) – but it was such a vast difference. The colors that I was seeing when I applied the dye were much, much more vibrant once shown in the light.

Okay, so ready for the “‘deep profound” metaphor of the day? How do we realize our potential until we step out into the light? (hmmmmm) (sheesh)