Can you see the 2 straight threads holding up these pieces?

I just returned from a long drive. Straight lines down a more or less straight highway. Eyes straight ahead. All lined up.

A number of years ago when I was in art school, I had a friend from South Korea. Perhaps because she was from South Korea, she was dedicated: she spent many more hours intensely doing art than any of us happy-go-lucky locals. Consequently, she developed a pain in her wrist which really interfered with her ability to get work done. For a period of time, she was not around. Then she reappeared. I asked her what she had done. She told me that routine medical solutions were useless, but then she had started Tai Chi and lo and behold, she had totally cleared the energy blocked in her wrist. I thought “hmmmmm”, and let it pass, even though this Tai Chi center was a block from where I lived.

So, I did wander in a few years later. I did learn Tai Chi – I am still learning Tai Chi… And now – I am appreciating it especially because it is : CIRCULAR! After a long drive, to let energy flow through the body in circles. Not only is every movement a circle, but every movement comes out from the heart. The soft, unlinear heart. So, now, I can let that hard driving brain sink down into the earth and I can feel the movement come up into the heart and emanate out. In circles.

I look at my art and am glad each piece of cloth is NOT holding the line, maybe even gently seeking a little Tai Chi.

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