Looking closely again, do you see all those loose threads? They are all over the place – disorderly.

I have the straight lines, the softer lines of each fabric piece and then the edges, fraying and wildly their own idea. I love that.

I used to do this kind of “dance” called authentic movement. The idea was/is that you come into the space and move – not from any music or dance idea but from whatever arrises in your body. Starting from stillness. One of my mentors taught this in NYC and she had many students with a wide range of backgrounds: young, old, wealthy, wall street, police officers… And what she noticed is that almost to the person – when given the chance to move with no directions as to how – that they would very quickly ease their bodies into making circles and spins as their first choice. That what EVERYONE’S body needed was to let go of that straight ahead pressure and to sink into the childlike letting go. In fact, the reknowned poet Rumi – and his Sufi dancers – weren’t they also spinning?

So, I want my work to “go somewhere”. But I also want it to be free. To let go. Is that a circle I see?

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