(This is an overview, with at least one hole. It’s not well photographed – some are up close, some further back. And the color – much duller here. But for my dear friends who wanted to see more of the larger picture, here it is~)

Earlier, I was at the dump – excuse me, “transfer station” – and I overheard these two guys in trucks. (I’m surrounded by guys in their big trucks, a good thing I’ve come to see). I heard one say to another: “Never a good deed goes unpunished!” Okay, I hadn’t heard that one before. “What?” I asked. “Just try it,” says one of them. “See what happens…”

So I did. I came home and shoveled a nice clean pristine white path through the new fallen snow. I then let the dogs out. In a matter of seconds it was spattered in lurid yellow. Okay, okay. I get it.

I had just had a conversation with my online art group and the positive feedback I received was just not easy for me to take in. I recalled when I had knitted a sweater years ago. It was inspired by Kaffe Fassett’s amazing designs; the colors were stunning, but the construction of the garment was – shall we say – less than perfect? So when I heard people say – “Oh that gorgeous sweater!” I wanted to immediately point out – but do you see the holes in it? The holes in the sweater. The holes in my piece that I am showing you above.

It’s like – can’t you see, I’m so imperfect??? I want to quote here from Mary Louise Parker when she is referencing someone she had put up on a pedestal and realized how unfair that was to that person:

I forget we are all made from ether and instinct. We’re all missing parts and orbit the same moon.