art in the car

Does this look like art? I hope not. I want it to look well-disguised as we cruise down the highway. No one would guess we are carrying art! Heavens!

I’ll drive this car to DC and then say good-bye to it: my son, Samsun, will drive on to Iowa and get many more miles out of it, I’m sure. It’s been with me for years, carried my children from when they were small. I kept it because it’s so good for carrying, well, art! In the past, I’d jam it full of larger pieces. And now – this is, I think, the largest piece I’ve done and it fits neatly into that little box on the right…

When I speak of larger pieces, really what I’m talking about is always the structure. The fabric can always be packed small. But in previous times, I used tables or boxes or large frames. In this instance, the piece is hung from very light, narrow slats; and then there is the silk. And even within that, the silk is hung with spaces all through. There is a sense of dimension beyond the actual physical art.

A sense of dimension beyond… (dun-da-dun!)

The power of art. Why we want to be sure it is well-disguised in transit, right?

(I think it’s time I hit the road…)