how to become a better person

Isn’t this what many persons want to know?

When my son was in his early teens, I would concoct this very healthy drink, full of Spirulina and lemon juice and other supremely healthy ingredients. Again and again, I would offer it to his friends, advising, “Don’t you want some? This will make you into a better person.” I had no takers. Not everyone wants to become a better person in such a practical way.

Much better, how about the impractical route. How about something ridiculous.

Say a pillow. A pillow?

Back story: after writing way too many papers about topics that matter very much to MFA art program people, by first artistic response was this:


(front of small pillow)



Fewer words. Right to the point.

The question remains. Does looking at those words make you a better person? Perhaps the second version of the pillow will have more effect. Possibly?