that’s cool

Do you remember when you heard that? “That’s coo-o-o-ol.”

What is the expression these days?

Right now, “that’s cool” sounds like exactly what I want to hear. No more heat wave, heat dome,. Enough hot.

I grew up in Virginia where the humid warm summer air could feel like a blanket. No AC. Just the local creek. My mother would take the 6 of us children down to the hill. We’d be dressed in “yard pants”, her name for puffy underwear. And we would dip our toes into the cold water. Little by little we would venture deeper, perhaps up to our knees. Dancing with delight at the relief from the hot air.

My mother would sit on the edge and keep an eye out for the copper head snake. A tiny head moving across the water. Poisonous.

Ah! There it is! She spotted it.

She would call to us all and we would head to the banks and wrap up in towels, watching the snake’s tiny head as it floated past. Watching it own the creek. What were we doing in his territory anyway???

Here in New Hampshire, the blast of heat is less common. There are no copperheads.
But Peaches and I have seen bears.

Mama bear and baby are dreaming of a LATE spring snowstorm,


Still wet from the lake, Peaches is feeling cool. So cool.

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