presence of mind

What I’m lacking in these warmer than usual last days of June: presence of mind.

Did I lose it to the two pups that are panting so nonstop that I need to stop whatever is happening and get them wet?


Or is it because it’s summer and I don’t have a mind anyway? It’s easier to blame the pups. Of course.

I arrived here – was it 4 days ago? I haven’t been at the lake in NH for 3 weeks and the garden in screaming for attention. The house was no cleaner than I had left it (a-hem). And my art is sitting there as expectant as ever.

STUFF to do.

Oh, is that panting I hear? Poor pups. It must be time to jump in the lake.

Okay. So I stretched some silk today. Or even before that – took apart the stretchers to accomodate a larger size. I have, yes: aspirations! Watch out.

I tell myself as I notice the panting…. We all must need it. Just one more time in the lake.

Just to cool off.

Just for presence of mind.