not alone

I had an exquisite time walking with my friend, Jan, today. Because of the way our lives and the world have unfolded in the last year, we hadn’t seen each other for so long we couldn’t recall when it was. It hardly mattered. We picked right up again.

At one point, Jan asked me how it felt to be alone. It’s been a while since I’ve not had company. And she was curious.

I answered her question as if, yes, I did notice. That I was alone. Samsun and Amanda left 2 (3?) days ago.

And then, tonight… I realized: no, actually, I have company. I have my dear persistent pup. Always there to let me know:

“A-hem! It’s morning run time.”

“And yes, I need MY woods walk, leash-free afterwards, of course. “

Not to mention, numerous times during the day, outside will call.

” AND do NOT forget play time at night. See me here with my raccoon. I’m waiting”

… wag,wag, wag.

I don’t think she shares all the same goals I do. Art? Hmmmm. Way way too much sitting, still time. The computer? Useless. No lap nearby. Walks are super great but swimming? Not so much.

I know exactly her opinion on each of my activities …

Which means that, well, I guess I’m not exactly alone.

Right now, little Peaches is waiting for me to be done this distraction. She could use some patting. Never enough of that.

“Yes,” she says,” I’m here.”

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