some days

You start off okay. It’s raining – well, just a drizzle. You get outside. That feels good.

You come back in: appointment right off the bat. PT this time. All goes well. You love the drive back and forth with your daughter. Love it.

On way home, you get a smoothie with her. Yummy. Life is good.

The day is ahead. Time to get a lot of art done. Yes.

The phone rings. You want to talk. You do.

That email you’ve been struggling to write. Let’s do it. Now.

All have to get done. All important. Whew! Finally time for drawing.

You do one. You do another. You haven’t gotten what you’re after. You can feel it elude you. You can feel it just out of reach.

Teasing you. Teasing. You give it one more go.

You look at that last piece. Is it finished? That last one.

You leave the question open.

Some days…