In 4th grade, I had one dress that I wore – or tried to wear – every day. I see photos and yes, I think, that’s all I wore. My mother would buy new dresses. I’d put them in the back of my closet to age…

And here I am years later, exploring one image over and over again. Every time I “put it on”, it reads differently to me. And afterwards it begs to be explored further: for me to discover what I really want to find in it.

I was reading an article in the New Yorker about extreme mountain climbers – what drives them. And I recalled myself climbing. Perched on the side of a cliff in Colorado years ago, wondering if this was my last moment. And yet, yes, I went out again. After that.

Rocks. You might get to know them. And the dress, too. But drawings?

Do you ever see the same image twice?