(3 root systems: deep water, air, soil…)

Years ago I recall being affected by the poet, Stephen Spender, sharing his poem in which he is witnessing his dad, advanced in age, meet a woman he hadn’t seen since they were teenagers. In the poem, Spender can feel that his father is still seeing this woman at that young age. Now, thinking back on that poem, I have a different take on what might have been transpiring.

I’m guessing that the relating was not about age at all. It was about the essence of each person. Their roots; not as genealogical. But where they were coming from. They KNEW each other.

Tonight, Nika was commenting on Cecilia. Cecilia, now age one. Nika was looking at videos taken a year ago. And this personality, dear Cecilia, who is becoming more of who she is each day, was already there.

And, haven’t you had the experience of seeing someone after an absence of years? You know so much has happened in their life. And yet you relate immediately. Start right where you left off. You know them. You KNOW them.

And then … there is so much to catching up to do.

Because we do change. We grow. Right? We are both deep down, an essence. And all the time moving.

All the time.

I see that in my art. In other people’s art. I can recognize: yes, I can link an artwork with an artist. And then watch it evolve over time.

You KNOW. And you don’t. You’re waiting for what’s next.