just about (with photo)

Remember when you were small and you were told something was “about to” happen? Something really fun. Something you loved to see. Like snow coming. You looked out the window. Waiting. It was about to snow. It was about to… tied to some deliciously anticipated event.

Yes. I’ve been doing a lot of “about to” lately. It’s about to be the beginning of the new year. (I hear that it’s soon: lunar new year is about to happen). And I was about to go to have a full week at the lake and a friend was about to come join us. And I was about to finish my art piece when I sat down and was about to write this blog when…

All good. I am to tell you that I did in fact go to the lake – not for the full week. And I did in fact get art done – not finished yet.

And that anticipation? It keeps moving right in front of me. Just out of reach.

I’m almost going to have a good life. I’m just about to get there. It’s almost/just about/sooooon …

Once it snows.

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