2020! again

Okay, this is Peaches looking back at 2019. So yesterday. Right?

We are now – yes – at the year 2020! And that has to feel good. So good that I keep hearing people talking about resolutions. Grand resolutions.

My resolution? Well, look at 2019. What I want is, quite obviously, more color. Okay, yeah.

AND ease. Yes, ease. Less ice. Less bracing. Less overthinking.

Today, just by some crazy kind of luck, I had a session with Alice MacDonald. If you ever ever get a chance to have a session with her, you know the angels are looking down on you. It’s heaven.

What she offers is an opportunity to experience the Alexander Technique. Do you know what that is? It was developed by an Australian – was it opera singer? He needed his voice to perform. And when he lost it, he took the time to discover how tension was causing his dilemma.

How to live with less tension? It’s a whole new world. Alice could read, from the slightest touch, where I was bracing. Where to let go.

But the part that excited me (woops), calmed me the most … happened when she asked me to open my eyes. I was lying down. Relaxed.

I looked up. Her hands were lightly touching my head. Sensing what was happening.

“Close your eyes again”, she instructed. “Now when you open them, include your peripheral vision”. I did. “What a difference”, she remarked.

Wow. The first time, I opened my eyes and focussed on what was in front of me. And my body registered tension.

The second time, I was including the whole scene. With the peripheral vision, apparently the mind is receiving information. The world is coming in. With that, there is ease.

Just the way that I opened my eyes affected my whole body. Intent focus versus receptivity. All happening with that very first movement – waking up.

For me, that was profound.

And such a great start to 2020.

Wishing all of you ease today and throughout the year ~

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