Day 2? Day 3 in Bath, Maine?

I drove over from Squam Lake a few days ago. It’s a 2 and an half hour drive, guaranteed to be at least that long because it’s 2 lane and, well, why hurry along a scenic New England road? Especially if you are driving a delivery truck. With me following, the entire way. Aaaah.

Yes, so close but so far. I don’t look out on a lake. I see pine trees across the road. I don’t spend pretty much all of every day alone. I see people at the dog park, in the woods, in town. And I’m near Nika and Scott and Cecilia – easily able to see them. Life is different. It’s winter: cold and dark. Good to be near others.

I’m not someone who travels easily – can you tell? So I was just thinking about a question someone posed to me years ago when I was leaving Seattle after living there for 5 years: “How can you go when Seattle is the best place to live?” I got the gist of her question, that a place was the answer. THE answer.

As I think about it years later, I hear in that question, that search in myself. That idea that a place can be that.

I want to scoff and say – don’t be so shallow. But then, I catch myself. I realize place does matter. What surrounds us. Who surrounds us. Don’t you think?

I LOVE my lakeside spot in NH. No doubt. But I come here and how can I not be feel the pull of this place?

Especially if I’m met with a hug at the dog park. A smile on Cecilia’s face. A sweet chat with my neighbor.

And really great light to do my art.

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