who you are

Yesterday I was talking to a dear friend about my busy busy life this summer and she said to me:”You’ve forgotten who you are.”

It kind of hit me like a bolt of lightening. Unexpected and right to the core. It was so true that it shifted everything instantly.

I had “forgotten” I was an artist. I was doing my art when I had time, jammed in between making beds and making meals. And swimming and gardening and playing. All good. But, in doing so, somehow the sense of who I was was slipping through the cracks.

This friend went on to say: “You’re Pisces. You have to flow…” And I heard this in a way that was not so much about astrology, but more about the fact that all of us are 90 something per cent water. All of us have to flow.

And like water – there are times when it rains and rains and – the streams are full and fast. And then there is late summer. Some places, even drought.

So… kind of following this line of thought, I say to myself: “You just experienced a drought.” Perhaps i could say – “a mental drought”. Because the water is still there. Inside me.

Ready to flow.