Water reflects. Until it doesn’t.

The weather was way too hot. Now it isn’t.

We are. And then we aren’t.

Yeah, it seems that way. It seems like everything is either/or. But then – even those darn water ripples are kind of reflecting, doesn’t it seem? And the weather – was it way too hot? And is it just a wee bit cooler, maybe still a bit warm?

And do we go? Do we really go? It’s the question that mankind has been puzzling since well – since we started.

It’s something we all have our personal sense of/thoughts about. Existing. Not existing.

And still, regardless of whatever is “true”, we have feelings. Powerful feelings. Undeniable.

I don’t see the reflection in the water.

I am cooler today.

And I do really miss a certain young man who isn’t with us in physical form any longer. I also feel him. Sweetly present.