the underworld

For a couple of wonderful years, I was part of an online art group. Once a week we would talk. Between, I blogged.

I was “above ground”. Seen. Communicating. Out in the world.

And I loved it.

This summer, we in the art group have not met. I’ve not written as much. I’ve been underground in some sense.

And yet, the underground is relational. The time I spent on the computer has been time spent in the immediate world, so to speak.   Sometimes with friends and family, sometimes alone.

I can’t say that I missed the computer. But what I did miss was my sense of connection to people who I know only through this means of communication. People who I’ve gotten to know well, even without ever meeting them face-to-face. As well as friends that I see less often than I’d like.

To them, I’ve been in the underworld. In fact, if the underworld was as relaxing and restorative and sweet as this summer has been, few would want to miss it.

Yeah, I guess in some way, I’m recommending that very place to others. Not to disappear and disconnect. But to find solace/peace in the apartness. That, I can say, feels good.