What’s that over there? Let me check it out. Let me read this one.

What’s this in front of me? All this blue and white and blue and white and blue and white? Let me read this one.

In my “reading” reading today, I ran across an article which talked about the Arabic word for home:

The Arabic language evolved across the millenia, leaving little undefined, no nuance unshaded. “Bayt” translates literally as house, but its connotations resonate beyond rooms and walls, summoning longings about family and home. ~ Anthony Shadid, World of Interiors, Feb. 2019

Home. Creating a home. Is it the walls/ the structure? Is it the history of the place? And then, don’t we carry our “homes” with us as we move from one place to another. Some sense of home inside us?

I watch little Cecilia as she wakes up to her home, her environment. And I wonder how the physical presence imprints. Or rather, what aspects of it imprint. What is she “reading” today?

I never underestimate the importance of that early childhood piece. If anyone asks me today about myself as an artist, the first thought is of my formative years. I’m aware that my sight – the blurriness – of my early childhood informs me. As well as the first time I could see definition of form.

That may not seem to be specifically about the place/ the home. The vision piece . Except, well, I did grow up with horses… (reading horses)