“No, not more snow!”

This is Peaches looking out at the Kennebec River on a BEAUTIFUL 50 degrees day in April. No, that is not a big fish causing the disturbance in the water: that is the rip, as it is termed: the river is trying to flow downstream as the tide (in the center) is pushing full force upstream. Two strong forces battling it out in the gentle swirls of water.

And then there’s my mind. It’s loving the warm day, the lovely scenery and the prediction is for – UGH – snow. I look at that forecast once. Then again. And again. As if my looking will affect it. Affect the weather.

As Barry Lopez writes so eloquently:

The nature of a storm is to be emphatic,… indifferent to all life. It cannot be contained… It’s entirely free. Its own idea.

My mind going one way is useless to switch whatever darn way that storm is happening.

And yes, I’ll have a beautiful day. Indoors. With my art. My art which is its own perfect storm in the works.

Its own idea.