more of the fifth

There are times in your life when all there seems to be is action. Action. Action. It’s needed. It has to be done. You can’t get from A to B without picking up your stuff and moving it. Physically.

And then, friends come. Family come. And a new baby. Not the same kind of action. But yes, action. So much happening.

And then it settles. The move is over. The crowds have thinned. The sweet new one is easing into her loving environment.

And there is… quiet.

At times like this I think of Carl Jung, of his description of creativity where there is searching and searching, and then, in a moment when the mind is relaxed – the solution comes. As I take these walks in the woods where no one is around and there is no destination, I see ideas for my art come out of nowhere. Try this! How about that?

Aaaaah, space.

The reprieve.