looks full

Is it the full moon? It looks that way to me. And it feels that way to me.

I’ve been making a mess. I’m doing this art that is, well, not supposed to look perfect. Not supposed to look exact. Not supposed to look any certain way.

And I’ve succeeded there.

And you know what? It looks okay. And then, perhaps there is more to the story:

I went to see this wonderful Network chiropractor yesterday.

But beforehand, the office had to do an assessment. I’ve never had this kind of check-up: one where they can measure your stress levels. It’s all, of course, done on computer. For the first test, the computer refused to work. The assistant tried three times and gave up in frustration. I, of course, wondered: was my stress that high? Was it affecting the machine?

For the second and third tests, though, the computer worked. You could see where my muscles were too tight or pulling in one way or another. And the third test was for the parasympathetic nervous system: a read on how much reserves your body has.

The results of the muscle test were familiar. But the third: I was supposed to get this certain pie shape with these nice blues. But, no. I had greens and yellows and red. Hmmmm. If I wasn’t already feeling tired, this was irrefutable evidence.

The assistant told me it was for the insurance company and so they could then see how I progressed from the treatments. I did know I needed the treatments. And the first treatment did feel soooo good. But, was it with the knowledge of that evidence? I came home feeling exhausted.

So, today, with my new decision NOT to stress, well – you know, my art can look anywhichhow it wants. Plus, it’s the full moon, right? I’m going to be just so so fine with it.

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