what makes a good day

At different times, I think about what I might consider to be the, well – the ideal day. I think of this when my days are less than ideal, and I want that other image for reference – what, in fact, do I want so much? And, it’s easy to think of it in a literal sense: where, with who, thinking what, etc.

But what I am noticing on this day that seems so sweet? It’s simple. I know I’m in a blissful state when I become unaware of time.

That’s it.

On less good feeling days, I notice time: when I wake up, when I do this, when I do that… WHEN is omnipresent.

On this day – albeit it’s a Sunday, so clocks are not as relevant for me – I was just in flow. The early light wake-up. The run that feels so easy in the warmer months. The plant store that opened for me because I hadn’t noticed it wasn’t time yet. The fabric dyeing in the morning shade. The day unfolding…

And, until now: no interaction with the internet. Where the hour/minute is always always always right. Since when does anyone want the right time, anyway? How much of human history was just a SENSE of time?

That’s what I want again. And even looser than that. Obliviousness.

I should say – that’s what feels good to me. When I know I’m feeling good.

When I get that – that’s a good day.

My wish? That everyone have day(s) like this one. Ease.