New Hampsha

If someone had told me when I moved to New Hampshire that I would be here for five years (and counting..), I would not have believed them. I was planning on three months. But no.

My life has taken its own course. And – although I knew I loved the summers – I am now (do I admit?) kind of loving the winters too. Shocking. And little by little, I’ve gotten to know some extraordinary people who hide out up here. And had some heartwarming experiences.

Yes. The category that New Hampshire totally wins is: if you are ever in an emergency. I swear, every truck has a “fire dep’t” sticker on it. Every person knows wilderness rescue, it seems. And, if you do something really dumb and catastrophic, there is someone to help you way more than is deserved.

I had one friend rescue me from a car mishap (which did in the rear of my car) at 7AM (!); drive me to a rental car an hour north of here – the closest to be found – so that I could then drive 3 hours south to Boston and make an 11 o’clock flight. Mission accomplished. I don’t know if you followed all that. But – need someone to help? They are there.

SO, yesterday…dun-da-dun… I needed to send my darn art to DC. I go to the UPS store in the town 15 minutes away. They look at this odd jumble of fragile stuff and say, “Hmmmm. Leave it here and we’ll get back to you with a quote.” Turns out, they don’t have boxes, they don’t have a person skilled in packing. But they don’t say no.

In time, they figure out how to do it, but it would take too long – since they need to get supplies. So, they give me names of people to call. I do. And then remember a place in a town in the other direction – who, when I call, is well able and equipped to do the job. A lot of driving later, I have the art in good hands. Meantime, the people I phoned? They all are ready and willing to help me figure out a way – ingenious ideas. But mostly, big generous hearts.

My art is on its way. Well packed. With a send off of many people willing to pitch in. Rescue me. Offer a loving hand.