coming from

I’m forever checking out books on art, as you doubtless know by now. A while ago I found this tome put out by the Metropolitan Museum of Art called The Artist Project. It was entertaining to peruse. It shows the piece each artist chooses out of the whole museum and then that artist’s explanation for why that was chosen.

I’m reading along. I’m informed here,. I learn something there. But in general, I recognized what they were saying.

And then came this one answer that caught me sideways. The artist Nayland Blake (new to me) was talking about this piece (from Mali) he had selected and why:

In a number of ways, this piece is a real challenge to the conventions around art that we have in the West (where) we’re used to the idea that you have this (great) inspiration…That’s not necessarily how it happens. This (art) is made in the same way a snowdrift is; it finds it (self) as a result of many forces (coming together).

Like a snowdrift?

But wait a minute: I somehow relate. I am intrigued by the idea of this gorgeous piece that is created out of nothing, and comes forth out of the air, water, and wind. By temperature and time.

But beyond that, as creators, isn’t that who we are? Forces of nature? Creating this “stuff’ we love as art out of bodies that are: yes, air, water, lot of wind, a certain amount of time. Add the heat. Or the chill.

I love it: the very essential connection to creating.