In time, this peach will become ripe, I hope. Yum- yum. Do you know how good a peach right off the tree tastes?

But, yes, I have to wait. It takes time.

And this morning I was talking to Hunter about time. About non-linear time. You remember non-linear time, right? When you were a child. Biting into a peach. Or, even now, biting into a peach.

But, in fact, we were not talking about that specifically. Or not even specifically about Einstein and the person on the train experiencing time differently than the person observing the train. Or colonizers labeling indigenous cultures as “backward/behind time” with no regard to their experience of time and the impact of that. But more about how, when you talk about time in one way, it’s difficult to also talk about space. And vice-versa.

And so, when I make my red art and I make it today in this space and this time… the red might not move or change (much) in time, but it might travel who-knows-where in space. Wait, no. That is NOT Einstein. It’s just my stubborn red.

And so, when will the peaches be ripe?

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