the light

When I started this piece, my intention was to work with dark and light. I’d done the rich color: now, I thought, how about an absence of color…? I thought I’d put 1/2 light next to 1/2 dark. But the light – the light was so much stronger than the dark. I started to take away the lighter rolls of silk: less and less light was needed – look how bright the light still is! And yes, color did come in. I admit, I could not resist. That color.

It’s as if, in denying the color, it demanded to declare itself more stridently. And why not? Isn’t that what my work is always about?

And doesn’t it mirror life? The light, the dark, the play. I think I’m setting out to do one thing. Another happens.

Yesterday I was helping Nika install my large piece in the show in Bath, Maine. It took longer, much longer than expected and several of the threads broke in the process. Repairs take time. In the end, I left several hanging pieces out. I thought it looked fine. Changed but not noticeable.

And the other pieces in the show? They did not get hung. Only positioned where they will be hung today. My piece took a lopsided amount of time – most of the afternoon, yesterday. Thanks to the enormous efforts of Nika and Scott, the show will get hung. And the light and color in all the art, in the show, will work as a whole.

Process: Dark. Light. Changes.

And then, somehow, it all comes together.