show me the way

Show me the way! Guide me down the path!

Otis is waiting. He’s very clear that he’s ready to go and that I am to take him out. I lead him. I know the way.

In fact, several days ago, I took him on a walk with my friend. I love steep, but she was less keen on that angle, so we turned off the trail onto an unknown path. In a short while we were on a trail “less traveled” and … as we walked ahead, I slowly realized that we’d entered a space that was exquisitely beautiful: old, old trees with spaciousness around them. Calm. Soothing. I was transported – the place was dynamic and deeply quiet at the same time.

That path. My hope is that someone can guide me on a path such as that this fall. Or that I can find it with trust, myself. It’s a time when there are many changes happening for me: looking for a new place to spend the worst months of winter is one of them. Family activity is at high volume. And other compelling but not – art – related involvements demand attention. And then, there is the art itself: my dear, talented and fast-moving online art group is gathering in Spain and mounting a show of art from all the members. I watch as they are making this happen in so many ways – and the trust that is there: within each and for each other.

They are moving forward in Spain. I feel the connection and am thankful for their love. And I notice the density of the decisions here.

I hold the image of the forest I came upon. I was on one path and then found another: completely unexpected. But even more beautiful. Calm. Soothing. Right.

How I want life to unfold.