I’m in the midst of this process that looks like it’s going nowhere. No product yet. I’m doing experimenting or, perhaps, skill building. My plan it to use cut silk shapes in the final piece. At this point I’m determining how this soft draping material can or can’t hold a shape. Kind of like the Japanese calligraphy of the “perfectly imperfect” circle where there is much time spent in practice – I need to try a few times before making the final cut.

I’m curious to know how this project will turn out. At the same time, I’m aware that I’m approaching it with a different energy. I’m going slower these days than I have in the past where I held myself to a high standard of fast-fast-fast. Driving in that left lane. All the time.

But, thanks to the brilliant suggestion of Martin Stellar, I’m now learning not only to stop midday (in great need of a nap), but to check in on more frequent intervals to lie down. Take ten. Relax before I’m done in.

Gracious. Who would have thought that could make such a difference? Not left lane me. I am surprised.

Lots lots lots to learn about the value of slowing down. And seeing how these shards of cut cloth in my art can gently and easily come together and hold a shape.