okay already

You recall way back when – when you were in school and you were looking forward to recess? Or the end of the school day? And then, you realize, man, I have another class? You know, that kind of structure that you felt stuck in. Well, that’s the way this weather (more snow) feels like to me. Enough already!

But that’s BORING.

As Zadie Smith (I do love her) so aptly wrote:
In the end, people don’t want to hear about dogs and babies and feeling your way into (your art) … people want to hear about you…

No dogs??? No babies??? (no weather???)

I suddenly have nothing to say. Isn’t that funny? I share my life in art all the time in my musings. But the bright light of the question (hear about me?) makes me want to hide.

And yet, it’s the depth of my caring about art that motivates me to write. It’s what burns in me, what fuels all that I create. That caring for art is the force for the deepest happiness for me. It’s not “who I am”, but it’s what drives that who that I am.

Are you confused yet?

Just keep listening. Stay tuned, as they say. It’s winter still, my dog’s asleep, and my babies? I still love them.

This, this ongoing epistle is that ever evolving story of what GOT me today. Yes. The me that comes through in my writing about:

Me and my art.