no apologies, but otherwise …

I’m starting a new piece. Large. I just let the gallery in DC know that I’d take them up on their invitation to hang another work on their 30 foot wall next spring. And I’m just hatching my idea.

Every time I take a moment, images are morphing in my mind: when I’m running, when I’m maybe meditating, when I’m driving in the car. It’s times like this that I treasure my time alone.

I had a really full, really special summer. I loved everyone who came. I thought the entire time: “I LOVE PEOPLE”. But, by the end, I was so ready to have no one around. No one talking to me. No one interrupting. No one.

How long will that last? Dunno.

But right now, a-a–a-a-a-ah. Feel the quiet. Hear the water. Answer to my art, only my art. Feels soooooo good.

Article artwork image 1

(I found this in Craft Magazine. Ann Lee had found the words in a foundry she was cleaning up, and then made them into this gorgeous piece of glass art):

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