my valentine

I was up hiking in the – well, cold- early morning. I came across this gorgeous view of Squam Lake in winter. In summer, would there be a view?

Thanks Peaches for getting me up there.

Yeah, I thought I knew this area. It turns out that in winter you look for footprints. You look for snow shoe marks. You look for cross country tracks. And you find secrets. This place is so much more beautiful than I had realized.

And here I am sharing this beauty with you. Because it feeds me. I come in, refreshed and then full of ideas for my art: this project, the next.

Yes, my journey. Sharing it. As I go along, I notice not just the compelling outdoors, but also how a certain book impacts me. And how the ups and downs of my work itself inform me. And I let you know. I write to you from up here on this frozen lake in New Hampshire about making color, making shapes, making my way day in day out. Making art.

And it’s to you, my readers, I send this valentine. I do it for for love. And for you to receive that love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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