moving into

Moving into fall.

It’s the time of year where color is noticed. I mean noticed. Not that we aren’t super happy at the first shoot of green in the spring. Or delighted by the color of tulips, roses, peonies come summer. Of course. Of course. But fall? What is fall except this light show on the trees? It’s so out of our planning, pruning, determining. It’s nature, showing off.

And we are part of it all. We are in that unfolding of time. And we can watch the passage – of the light, the color, the season. That movement. That dance.

Because we carry the weight of the world in our hearts, we know how delightful it is to dance. (O’Donohue)

And the dance is what we all want.

By making my art large, covering a lot of space, I want to entice your eye to move. By softly merging one color into the next, I want that shift to feel soft, subtle. And then, by allowing light intermittently, I want the eye to include the space surrounding the piece. To move through art that includes the space its in.

Noticing the color. And watching it move. I love the dance.