Do you see that yellow-green – the color that I was dyeing my fabric all winter long??? It’s the first evidence of spring. I’m pretty sure it was NOT there yesterday – I’ve been eyeing that patch of earth. And today – suddenly!

It’s on the edge of the snowy field still covering the garden. Rumi is happy to have the snow underfoot rather than the mud, coming next. But I took a shovel and scraped away a layer of the white stuff that was coating my raised beds. I want to put in some peas soon.

The beginnings. Beginning of growing season, beginning a new art idea. Today I was preparing more silk: stretching the cloth, layering it with 2 coats of soy milk. I need a better attitude for this part. I am ready for the color. The prep is routine, just takes time. In Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic, she talks about the downside of every art form – that there will be part of it that is ‘less fun”. She uses a much stronger term for it. But it helps to read about it. She says that it winnows out those who will commit or not.

I mean, as eager as I am to get my peas in the ground, first I have to weed and get the soil ready. And then wait. Prep there too.

But with those peas, I can almost taste them now. And with the art, I have images all running through my head. Nothing is there yet in my garden or in my art. But I have expectation/anticipation.

Meantime, just as I am sitting here feeling soooo impatient, lo and behold, what comes to me in the mail????


Courtesy of my online artist group, congratulating me for my show! A gorgeous bag made by Katrina Gorman herself! Check out her web-site to see her amazing work. And while you’re there, be sure to sign up for her emails; they will lift your spirits any day, guaranteed. And to my oh-so-special group, a huge deep thank you for such a sweet gesture. It’s not everyday that I yearn for something and then actually get it. I can tell you, it’s heartwarming.