many things at once

A while ago I was reading a book that was describing one of the differences between men and women, or rather, one of the reasons for misperception. The author had been in discussion with each gender. On one hand, the men were perceiving the women as floaty and unfocused. On the other hand, the women were seeing the men as only single goal oriented. In other words, the women were doing numerous tasks simultaneously, while the men were doing them sequentially, one at a time. And the book went on to site the origins for this, back to the single pointed focus of the male hunt versus the female: out berry picking/raising children/watching out for danger while unprotected…

I am definitely the multi-tasker. The question is: at how many tasks? There is a certain point where I start losing/forgetting/falling behind and generally feeling like I’m not “on top of things”. Unfortunately, I lose and forget all along the way. But, yesterday, when I was in the car with Ariella and we heard a tap-tap-tapping on the roof of the car and I pulled over to see : my keys on the roof! Okay. Now, that was a sign.

How to be easy as life gets complicated? Certainly it’s my challenge. And art is central for that. A resource. It’s a place for me to be in calm mind.

Peace is good.