Can you spot the boat? A small speck on the right, dipping into the fog. Almost hidden.

The opposite of hidden? Open, honest. Vulnerable. Those are the words that are coming up lately for me. And I just read this beautiful (and long) quote by Gaimon and I cannot resist sharing it. He is talking about the NPR program where people tell stories live, with no notes:

The strange things about Moth stories is that none of the tricks we use to make ourselves loved or respected by others work in the ways you would imagine they ought to. The tales of how clever we were, they mostly fail. The practiced jokes and witty one-liners all crash and burn on the Moth stage.

Honesty matters. Vulnerability matters. Being open about who you were in a moment in time…matters more than anything.

I don’t know where these next pieces I’m working on will go. But here is one in progress – at a moment in time. I notice that after working for the past many months on a piece where color is affected by light, now I’m hungry for just dense color, on its own. My concept is: looking down into a tidal pool, like in between the huge rocks off the coast of Maine:https://laurelsparks.com/