snowed in

You have no way to really measure this from the photo – but the snow at my door is waist deep. This is the side door. The front door was – well – more embedded. And yes, this does mirror my mind.

It mirrors how reluctant I am to be seen. I’m an artist. You’d think the FIRST thing I’d want is someone to SEE what I do. Well, okay, yes. In the privacy of my home, one on one, with this intimate feedback. But OUT THERE??? No, I can’t even get out the door.

Until, yikes! now. Up until this time, people would ask, where can I see your work? I would hem and haw and say, “I’m just not good at marketing.” Not good at marketing? How about NOT marketing. How about hiding?

That was until I joined this online artist group. This group goes places. They Tweet and Instagram and take marketing courses and SHOW their work. Thanks to my daughter, Ariella’s invitation and to their encouragement, I took a tiny piece of my art to DC last fall and … landed this show coming up: 3 months at the Stimson Gallery in DC. A 30 foot wall of my art. And a side wall to display my animal alphabet silk paintings. Oh dear.

The history of my not wanting to be seen has deep roots – I was born with eyes that wandered everywhere. It must have been uncomfortable to look at me. (When we look at someone, how do we connect?) I must have registered that. But not understood why others would look away. The message I got: don’t be seen.

In all the years I’ve made artwork, I’ve made a few brave forays. It’s not a blank slate. But no gallery show like this.

So, yes, the snow is at the door. I can feel how cozy it is inside. And now – is it time to go out? Clear away some snow?

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